Linear units (spindle drive)

Spindle drive axes complete just recently the range of the EL.MORE toothed belt axes. Under operation aspects and by regarding highest security requests EL.MORE spindle drive axes are constructed for high feed forces and fulfil the necessary stiffness, that belt-axes may not always guarantee.

» series T (Linear stages)
» series TK (forthcoming online)
» series TV (forthcoming online)

Types and sizes adjusted to work together (3 product series, 11 sizes and more than 30 designs) facilitate integration into specific procedures to meet the demands of highest positioning and repeating accuracy.

Linear units with spindle drive axes can also be combined to multi-axes systems. Especially in case of transforming rotating movements into linear motions, spindle axes are preferred.

Much is said about the components of the construction system, but the considerably lowered construction and assembly costs of the construction system itself, speaks for itself. If it moves, it pays...

Overview of the series T:
series TT: Sizes 100, 155, 225, 310
series TV: Sizes 60, 80, 100, 140
series TK: Sizes 40, 60, 80

>> Take a glance at the catalogue with the complete series TT

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