Premium toothed-belt PLUS linear systems

» ELM series
» ROBOT series
» SC series
The ELMORE PLUS systems are amongst the best of linear units and are produced by ELMORE in extruded aluminium with polyurethane toothed belts for fulfilling the most demanding tasks even in critical environments. The modular principle of the ELMORE linear unit is consistently applied here. Apart from the standard version, all of the PLUS series can also be delivered in a rust-resistant version in INOX. Above all those working in the food industry value the advantages of the solutions offered by the PLUS systems.

Types and sizes designed to complement each other facilitate integration in specific processes.

Linear units can therefore also be combined to multi-axes systems, for example. There are scarcely any limits to the multi-tasking operations possible.

Much is said about the components of the construction system, but the considerably lowered construction and assembly costs of the construction system itself, speaks for itself. If it moves, it pays...

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