LIGHT series

It is well known that a large number of users are interested in compact linear units which only comprise bearer, guide element and toothed-belt drive. Planetary and worm gears are fitted by means of hollow shafts with adapter flanges and shrink discs.
Non-essential seals and covers are not used, and a polyurethane belt runs along the outside.

For service in areas without a high level of pollution, these linear units prove themselves to be master of the great majority of tasks. For low- to medium-load applications, the LIGHT series is characterised by appropriately high speeds and acceleration and the combination characteristics of the LIGHT components are every bit as good as those of the ELMORE PLUS series.

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New catalogue planetary gear boxes

Titelseite Getriebeprospekt

New catalogue low-backlash planetary gear boxes online

Take a look at the details of the large selection of standard and high performance planetary gear boxes. Click here to download catalogue.

New Catalogue for series LIGHT

Titelseite LIGHT-Prospekt

New catalogue for LIGHT series published

For your perusal the new linear units of the LIGHT series are online. The new catalogue for the modified series LIGHT is available in an Italian/English version.

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